Award-winning care providers focus on choice and fulfilment.

Quality, choice and fulfilment.

These are the things we all want to preserve as we get older.

Carers should see each one as an individual. They may be someone living in their own home craving company and friendship, a person wanting a little assistance with day to day tasks, or somebody very vulnerable, perhaps with dementia or nursing care needs. Click here to see costs.

From the physically independent and able to the frailest, we offer a continuum of care to support older people physically, mentally and spiritually – however their circumstances may change.

We often advise our residents on pre-paid funeral plans with information provided by Funeral Guide. A pre-paid funeral plan can benefit your family massively as they won’t have to fund or plan the funeral in the event of death.

Helping the vulnerable

Retirement living residents enjoy the privacy and comfort of their own attractive apartments, with the reassurance of assistance available day and night, plus the option of tailored care and support to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, in many places. Contact R.C Care Homes for more info.

In addition, our care homes provide residential, nursing or specialist dementia care, often with music therapy or reflexology for people living with dementia to offer non-verbal channels of communication and expression.

With options to buy, rent or part-purchase, you can make the best choice to suit your circumstances.

The Ultimate Dental Implant FAQ

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are of a similar size and appearance to a screw. They are precision manufactured – usually from titanium or titanium alloy – and are used to form an artificial tooth root which supports one or more replacement teeth.

The implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone and are used to support a restoration such as a crown, bridge or denture, enabling the patient to have replacement teeth which appear and feel like natural healthy teeth. Continue reading “The Ultimate Dental Implant FAQ”

First Aid Advisors – Health links

First Aid Advisors – Health links

Leading Health Practitioners and Resources in London


Know your bandages

  1. Tubular finger gauze bandage 5m 1
    H26 Triangular Bandage non woven 1 *
    H28 Large wound bandage no.9. 1
    H30 Eye bandage no.16 1 * £0.48
    M85 Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Size F 10mts Each *
    M66 Bandage Cotton 5.0 cms x 4.5mts (x 12) 1 *
    M67 Bandage Cotton 7.5 cms x 4.5mts (x 12) 1 *
    M68 Bandage Cotton 10 cms x 4.5mts (x 12) 1 *
    M70 Crepe Bandage 7.5 cms x 4.5mts Each
    M71 Crepe Bandage 10 cms x 4.5mts Each
    M72 Crepe Bandage 15 cms x 4.5mts Each *
    M73 Conforming Bandages 5.0cms x 4.5mts (x 12 )
    M74 Conforming Bandages 7.5cms x 4.5mts (x 12)
    M75 Conforming Bandages 10 cms x 4.5mts (x 12 )
    M76 Conforming Bandages 15 cms x 4.5mts (x 12 )
    M78 Tubegauze Bandage Size 01 20mts Each
    M79 Tubegauze Metal Applicator Each
    M80 Tubegauze Plastic Applicator Each
    M81 Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Size B 10mts Each *
    M82 Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Size C 10mts Each *
    M83 Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Size D 10mts Each *
    M84 Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Size E 10mts Each *
    M86 Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Size G 10mts Each * t
    H18 Conforming Bandage 5 cms x 4.5m 1
    H19 Conforming Bandage 5 cms 12
    H20 Conforming Bandage 7.5 cms x 4.5m. 1
    H22 Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m. 1
    H26C Triangular Bandage Calico. 1
    FAD/BC Bandage Clips (Pk of 10) 1
    FINBOBB Finger Bob Pre Rolled Finger Bandage Pack of 6 Blue.
    FINBOBW Finger Bob Pre Rolled Finger Bandage pack of 6 white 1
    VB/1045B Flexi Wrap Cohesive Bandage Blue 10cm x 4.5m. 1
    VB/1045R Flexi Wrap Cohesive Bandage Red 10cm x 4.5m. 1
    VB/1045G Flexi Wrap Cohesive Bandage Green 10cm x 4.5m. 1 *

What do I do in an emergency?


Check whether the casualty is conscious. If the casualty is unconscious or semi-conscious.

Check the mouth for any obstruction.

Open the airway by tilting the head back and lifting the chin using the tips of two fingers.

If the casualty has stopped breathing and you are competent to give Artificial ventilation, do so. Otherwise send for help without delay.


In most cases, expert help should be available fairly quickly, but if you Have an unconscious casualty, it is vital that his or her airway is kept clear. If you cannot keep the airway open as described above you may need to turn The casualty in the recovery position. The priority is an open airway.


Open wounds should be covered after washing your hands if possible. Apply a dressing from the first aid kit over the wound and press firmly on top of it with your hands or fingers. The pad should be tied firmly in place. If bleeding continues another dressing should be applied on top of the existing dressing. Do not remove the original dressing. Seek appropriate help.


Minor injuries of the sort which the person would treat themselves at home can be treated from the contents of a first aid kit. The casualty should wash his or her hands and apply a dressing to protect the wound and prevent infection. In the work place, special metallic and/or coloured or waterproof dressings may be supplied according to the circumstances. Wounds should be kept dry and clean.


If a broken bone is suspected, obtain expert help. Do not move the casualty unless they are in a position which exposes them to immediate danger.


Burns can be serious if in doubt seek medical help. Cool the part of the body affected with cold water until the pain is relieved. Though cooling may take ten minutes or more this must not delay taking the casualty to the hospital.

Certain chemicals may irritate or damage the skin, some seriously. Treat in the same way as for other burns. It is important that irrigation continues even on the way to the hospital if necessary. See treatment options.

Remove any contaminated clothing which is not stuck to the skin. Make sure that you avoid contaminating yourself with the chemical.


All eye injuries are potentially serious. The casualty will be experiencing intense pain in the affected eye with spasm of the eyelids. Before attempting to treat, wash your hands.

If there is something in the eye, irrigate the eye with clean, cool water or sterile fluid from a sealed container to remove loose material. Do not attempt to remove anything that is embedded.

If chemicals are involved, flash the open eye with water or sterile fluid for at least 10-15 minutes. Apply an eye pad and send the casualty to the hospital.


Electrical and gassing accidents can occur in work places. You must assess the danger to yourself and not attempt assistance until you are sure it is safe to do so. If the casualty has stopped breathing and you are competent to give artificial ventilation and cardiac resuscitation, do so. Otherwise send for help without delay.


Many everyday aliments can arise at work. Giving medicines is not within the scope of first aid at work.

Application of common sense and reassurance of the casualty is the most valuable help that you can give. If in doubt about the seriousness of condition, expert help should be sought.

If the casualty has his or her own pain relief tablets, they may take these as appropriate. People assisting should not offer medication of their own or belonging to others.


If you have a sudden issue with your teeth, such as severe tooth ache or a broken dental appliance, you may have to book an emergency appointment with your dentist. See more information.

Seeking medical attention as soon as possible means you will get treated urgently, rather than letting the problem get worse, which could lead to even bigger problems.


It’s good practice that any injuries or cases of illness which have been treated are recorded in a book. Include the following information in your entry:

  • Date, Time and Place of the incident or treatment
  • Name and Job of injured or ill person
  • Details of the injury/illness and the treatment given
  • What happened to the person immediately afterwards (e.g. went home, went back to work, went to the hospital)
  • Name and signature of the person providing the treatment

This sort of information can help identify accidents trends and possible areas for improvement In the health and safety risks.


What do I need for my First Aid Kit?


First Aid Direct supply a wide variety of products for domestic users. For your security, all transactions are passed over a secure connection.

. 1
A.I.D.S. Pack 2
Antibacterial Hand Cleaners 15
Antiseptic Lotions & Infection Control. 13
If you do not see what you require please call.

Bandages. 33
Find: Tubular bandages, Eye bandges,Conforming bandages,Crepe bandages,Finger bandages,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Beds, Mattress’s, and accessories. 17
From Divan beds to Electric profiling beds to specialist mattresse’s and accessories.

Bird Flu Protection Kits. 4
Blankets,Pillows, Pillow Cases & Sheets. 8
Blankets to be used for patient recovery,(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Blood Pressure Monitors 2
Bulk Buys (Save Money) 13
Disposable products bought on a regular basis, buy in bulk save money, new offers all the time,(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Burn Relief Products. 2
Find items such as Burns pads, Burns kits, Burns roll, Burns mask,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Burn Shield Products. 7
Find such items as Burn blot,Hydrogel burn gel,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Cast & Bandages Covers. 12
Inovative ideas & simple solutions to life style problems.

Cervical Neck Collar. 6
Cervical Neck Collar.

Chiropody Foot & Nail Care. 13
Items you will find in this category are, Corn caps, Manicure scissors, Toenail pliers, Profesional emery boards,Pumice stones,Chiropody felt,Etc.(If you do not seee what you require please call.)

Clinell Hand & Surface Sanitiser NHS Approved. NEW 6
Clinell Hand & Surface Sanitiser used and approved by the NHS. Kills MRSA Within 10 SECONDS. Works for 72 Hours. Proven to kill 99.999% of Germs.

Creams & Ointments. 16
Find such items as Savlon,Blisteze,Cetrimide cream,Muscle rub,Radion B,Deep heat,Tiger Balm,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Defibrillator”s. Automated External 1
External defibrillator”s Creating Heatsafe Environments.

Diagnostic Equipment. 3
Stethoscopes,Sphygmomanometers,Blood presure meters,Ophalmascope,Pen torch,Percussion hammer,Piccolight Etc.

Disability Awareness Products.(DDA Compliance) 4
Portable Induction Loop,Support Rails,Access Ramps, Staff Training Etc.

Disposable Bin Liners 10
Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Cliical Waste, Nappy Bags Etc.

Disposables & Plastics. 23
Find items such as Examination Gloves, Aprons,Overshoes, Oversleaves,Alcohol Free Wipes, Pre injection Swabs,Thermal Blankets, Etc.Pins, Face Masks etc. (If you do not see what you require please call.)

Dressings. 35
Find such items as Gauze swabs, Mellolin, Lint, Jelonet gauze, Cotton Buds, Cotton Wool,Etc.9If you do not see what you require please call.)

Drug Storage & Dispensing. 4
Items Pill Dispensers, Tablet Splitter, Tablet Crusher, Tablet Counter etc.

Emergency Evacuation Equipment. 11
Evacuation Chairs.Extriction collars. Back Boards, Fracture Immobiliser Splints, Etc Many other items of rescue Equipment Available.

Emergency Fire Equipment 11
If you do not see what you require please call.

Eye Care. 12
In this category you will find such items as Eye wash stations,20ml & 500ml + 150ml sterile eye wash pods.Optrex eye wash.Etc. (If You Do Not See What You Require Please Call.)

Fire Extinguishers 17
First Aid & Emergency Signs. 3
Find such items as signs + first aider arm bands etc, If you do not see what you require please call.

First Aid Cabinets (Metal) 5
If you do not see what you require please call.

First Aid Empty Boxes, Cases And Bags Etc. 14
You can purchase an empty box, bag, or case, to suit your individual first aid requirements.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

FIRST AID KITS ( New Range ) 13
Covering the following areas of life. Vehicle, Travel, Sports, Children,Outdoor pursuits, Overseas travel,Burns, All contained in a practical lightweight carry bag that opens up for ease of access to the contents contained within each kit.

First Aid Kits ( Sports ) 8
Variouse sports first aid kits,and sports related items.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

First Aid Kits (Fischen Premier 4) 5
Fischen Premier 4 Range of first aid kits First aid has finally Evolved!

First Aid Kits (Specialist) 12
This Category Contains Kits Such as burns kits, boating kits,Biohazard kits,sharps kits,Etc.

First Aid Kits BSI 8599 3
These kits are Manufactured in accordance with the 2011 Guidelines laid down by the British Standard Institute (BSI)

First Aid Kits Evolution. 6
Evolution standard First Aid Kits Statutory for the workplace. Contents clearly identified on the back of the case in English, French, German, Dutch, portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

First Aid Kits For Business,Office,Factory,& Home. 42
You will find first aid kits for many areas such as Travel,Burns, Catering,Hikers, Motorist, Van & Truck, Biohazard, Sports, Aluminium kits.Etc. For large orders Local Call Tel: 0845 675 33 36

First Aid Pouches 8
First Aid Pouches Empty and with contents.

First Aid Starter Kits. 1
First aid kits to help you get started and to help you comply with the law. Covering general use and catering. For Office, Shop, and Factory use.

Food Safety Management Products 2006 2
This category contains products to aid all food businesses in there food safety management. And in following the new regulations that came into force on january 1st 2006

Forceps. 2
Forceps. Mosquito, Plastic, Sterile, Dressing, Artery, Pointed, Etc.

Furniture 20
General Products. 2
Various medical & non medical products.

Gloves ( NEW ) 2
Various. From Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile.

Gloves For Personal Protection. 22
If you do not see what you require please call.

Hand Care. 13
You will find hibi scrub 500ml & 5ltr hibi scrub, Spirigel,Hydrex, Barrier Cream etc.

Hi-Visability Accessories 4
Hot & Cold Therapy 5
Housekeeping 2
Floor Cleaners,Polishers, Upright Vacs, Steam Cleaners.Bins Etc.

Insect Repellants & Bite & Sting Relief. 4
Bite & Sting Relief, Cooling insect sprays, Etc.

Janitorial & Hygiene Supplies. 18
Toliet Cleaners,Toilet Rolls,Hand Cleaners, Barrier Cream,Air Freshener,Harpic, Haze, Mr Sheen,Fly Killer,Toilet Duck,ETC.

Manuals. 1
Instruction Manuals On Various Subjects Relating To Health & Safety At Home Or The Workplace.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Mobility & Living Aids Products. 6
Wheel Chairs,Adult & Childrens,Mobility Walkers.

Nebuliser’s portable & Suction. 6
From portable power Nebuliser’s to portable suction machines. and accesories.

Needles & Syringes Sterile 18
Hypodermic Needles & Syringes. Pre injection Swabs. Tourniquets etc.

New Products 1
This catagory contains our new products that have been requested by our customers and sorced by us but have not yet been put into there own categorie.

Oxygen Therapy (Entonox Analgesia) 1
Entonox equipment, Cylinders, Demand Valves, Regulators.Etc.

Paper Disposables. 3
Paper Towels,Workshop Rolls,Couch Rolls,Toilet Rolls etc.

Personal Attack Alarms. 6
Personal Protective Equipment. 17
Our range of personal protective equipment ideal for inexpensive compliance,(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Pharmacy (Pharmaceuticals ) 6
Diarrhoea relief, hayfever & allergy relief, etc.

Plasters & Tape ( Blue ) For Food & Cattering Use. 5
Variouse sizes Of Blue HYPO-Allergenic Dressings For use in The Food & Cattering Industries.

Plasters ( Fabric ) 10
If you do not see what you require please call.

Plasters ( Washproof ) 5
Washproof Plasters

Plasters CLEAR and discreet. 4
Clear Waterproof Plasters. Hypoallergenic Suitable for all skin tones. Discreet.

Plasters Kiddies 1
Childrens Assorted Plasters

Rescue Tools & Equipment + Accesories. 4
Rescue tool kit, High visibility triangles.Tourches,Evacuation chairs,Water rescue kits.etc.

Resuscitation Kits & Equipment. 16
Find such items as Guidal Airways, Resuscitators, Life Packs, Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Safety Footwear (Steel Toe Cap ) 5
Rigger Boots,Trainers,Shoes,Chukka Boots,Etc.

Safety Knifes. 7
Safety Knifes, For safe cutting procedures,in the Home, Office, Factory,etc.

Sanitary Products. 5
Tampons, Press on towels Etc.

Scissors Various 6
Scissors Stainless Steel, Blunt blunt, Blunt sharp, Sharp sharp, Tuff Cut, Lister Bnadge Scissors Etc.

Snow And Ice Management. 9
Grit & Salt Bins,De-icing Salt, Shovels & Scrapers, Magic Ice Melt, Magic Ice Stop. Etc.

Spill Kits & Accessories 1
Sports Products 7
Many products aimed at those involved in sports or any type of physical activity. All products suitable for Football clubs, Rugby Clubs, outdoor activity clubs, or those interested in outdoor pursuits.

Sprays & Roll On Sticks. 5
Find items such as Wintergreen Spray, Freeze Spray,Burneze Spray,Antiseptic Spray.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Statutory booklets & Safe Practice Etc. 6
Statutory booklets and safe practice etc requird by law.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Sundries. 5
This category contains such items as Clinical thermometers, Disposable plastic tweezers,Clinical waste bags, Sharps bins,Nurses Watch Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Supports. 16
Provide effective support to damaged ligaments or muscles.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Survival Equipment 2
Sutures. 2
Sutures sterile + needle Singles and packs.

Swine Flu Relief First Aid Kit 1
A special first aid kit designed to help relieve symtoms of swine flu and any types of influenza.

Tapes. 31
In this category you will find 3M Micropre tape, 3M Transpore Tape, Finepore tape, EAB Fabric strapping, Blue sterocheff tape, Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Thermometers. 17
This category covers such items as Clinical thermometer. Digital thermometers, Single use throw away thermometers,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Tools. 3
Find such items as Stainless steel scissors, Finger applicators, Splinter forceps, Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Training Aids 1
Vehicle Safety (Seat Belt Awareness) 6
Signs and products for The Motor Vehicles (wearing of Seat Belts) (Amendment) Regulations 2006.

Vitamins Supplements & General Health Care. 5
Vitamins: Multi Vitamins & Iron,Evening Primrose, Cod Liver Oil.RenniesEtc.

Water Safety 16
Buoyancy Aids, LifeJackets,Lifebuoys, Floating Lines, Re-arming packs,Etc

Watergel Burns Gel Dressings & Kits. 9
Watergel products. Includes Burns dressings,Burn wrap,Fire blanket canister,Ambullance burns kit,Fire service burns kit.Cool ice,Burn gell.

Wipes 5
Alcohol Free Wipes. Tubs of wipes. Etc

The Importance of First Aid

The Importance of First Aid

Every single year in Britain, hundreds of people die or are severely injuries, with many of these unfortunate deaths could have been prevented if someone had of used first aid before the emergency services had even arrived.

Improve your medical knowledge and invest in some chiropractic equipment to improve your health from home. Choose from hundreds of supplies from some of the leading brands.

First aid could save hundreds even thousands of lives each year so do the right thing and learn about first aid today. There are many different associations who believe like us that everyone should at least have a basic first aid kit in case there is an emergency.

It is important the have the correct equipment to cater for both adults and children. Specialist children equipment will make them safer and will decrease risk of injury.

If you need any advice we are happy to advise and assist you with any product queries.

UK Health & Safety Legislation – Does it apply to you?

UK Health & Safety Legislation – Does it apply to you?
It does if you answer yes to at least one of these questions:

Are you self-employed?
An employer?
An employee?
A sub contractor?
Do you design, manufacture or supply goods to be used in the workplace?
Do you own or rent premises which are used by others as a workplace?

Your Duty As An Employer
Section 3(1) of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, states that ‘An employer shall provide, or ensure that there is provided, such equipment and facilities as are adequate and appropriate in the circumstances, for enabling first-aid to be rendered to his employees if they are injured or become ill at work.’

Your Duty As A Self Employed Person
Section 5 of the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, states that ‘A self employed person shall provide, or ensure that there is provided, such equipment, if any is adequate and appropriate in the circumstances to enable him to render first-aid to himself while he is at work.’

Category of Risk
Low Risk eg certain shops, offices, libraries.
Medium Risk eg light engineering & assembly work, warehousing.
High Risk eg Industry, slaughterhouse, chemical manufacturers, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments.